High-quality packaging solutions
from development to finished design
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Internationally recognized development know-how

Based on decades of experience in the development of packaging components we have an established customer base throughout Europe, the USA and Japan. Together with our partners we are able to develop and create complex and high-quality packaging solutions for you.

Our goal is to achieve the very best for our customers. To reach this high level of quality, we always offer our customers alternative solutions that are not tied to specific technologies or materials. This flexibility allows us to break new ground. For example, we were the first company which began to develop production-ready standardized packaging made ​​from porcelain and also packaging implementing customer-specific designs.

  • Development and production of Surlyn® – Articles
  • Development and production of plastic packaging components
  • Development and production of complete packaging systems
  • Use of different materials and technologies
  • Application of all types of decorations
  • High-quality surface finishes
  • Development of real innovations
  • Close links with the international suppliers pool

360 ° Service – From design to finished end product

As your partner, we offer you the development and manufacture of both completed packaging components with simplified production needs, as well as projects which require our complete service from development all the way to the delivery of a finished product to your end users.

We offer a team of experienced specialists, who have thorough knowledge and extended experience in the development and manufacture of packaging components. Together with our specialized suppliers, we offer a complete service from consultation in the early stages of the development of your project to the finished product. We are not tied down to specific materials, technology or machinery, but rather draw upon a worldwide network of long-standing and multiple suppliers in order to create the perfect product for you.

  • Advising our customers early in the design stage of their components
  • Development of packaging components using the latest CAD technology
  • Production of prototypes using various methods
  • Production of all components
  • Preparation of all tools, molds and fixtures
  • Upgrading and installing all components
  • Filling of the requests from our customers for bulk orders
  • Dispatch of finished goods